Testimonies for the glory of Jesus-Oct.2017

Hello, pastor! During the online service on October 5, 2017 God gave you Word of knowledge. He showed you that a left еаr is healed. Glory of God! For a long time I had a noise and hearing loss in the left ear. But after a prayer, when I went to bed, I started to feel pain and cracking in the ear. Glory of God, my ear is a lot better now. Yoana
Hello brother Plamen! I want to thank God for curing me from disease. I had terrible stomachache and the doctors could not find out where it was coming from. Every month, on twelfth day, the pain caught me. But I could not stand the pain. Every month I was taken from home by the Emergency medical Service. They did not even give me a painkiller. They took care of me during the whole night and then brought me home. I’m taking pills that I receive from Bulgaria. Last night the pain cached me again at 4 a.m. My husband went to work at 6 a.m. and I played one of your online prayers of healing. When I started praying, I felt that my guts started to move. My guts were screaming and I had a huge pain. But I didn’t stop the prayer. I prayed together with you. During the prayer, glory of our God, I was healed! Amin! In general, when the pain catches me, I cannot be released for 3 days at least. Glory of our Living God in an hour He healed of my terrible pain. Amin! Slavka Angelova
I had a problem with my fingernail. Today I hurt myself and turned the whole fingernail of my toe. But glory of God! During the online service on October 12, 2017, pastor Petrov received a Word of Knowledge for sick nails. As I was praying with you, I felt a hot wave on me and my tears went like water. Z.Z.
The acute (strong) pain left me in the area of the vertebrae. Thanks for the reprehensible Word. All the glory of Jesus / testimony from the online service on October 12, 2017, pastor Petrov received word of knowledge about the diseased vertebrae / Hristova Spaska
All the glory to God! You have prayed for me. I had myoma and God healed me! Praise the Lord! Mitko&Vasya Nikolovi